Become a member of Tenants’ Association Bo-Ex!

Tenants’ Association Bo-Ex, for and by tenants of Bo-Ex

As a tenants’ association, we represent the interests of all tenants of Bo-Ex. We talk with Bo-Ex about topics that are important to tenants, such as rent increases, livability, sustainability, maintenance, renovation and demolition. In 2022 we had a survey done on how satisfied tenants are with Bo-Ex and we are now discussing the results and next steps with Bo-Ex. We let the voice of the tenants be heard in the consultations we have with Bo-Ex and other parties, such as the municipality.

As a tenant, you can become a member. We welcome every member! You don’t have to do anything; you will then be a supporter of the tenants’ association and our membership will grow. But if you want to become active, you can do that too.

The more members, the more powerful our voice!

How do I become a member of the tenants’ association HV Bo-Ex?

Membership is free and you can sign up by sending an email to, or filling out the digital registration form on this website underneath the button: Word lid.